Humble abode…

Today I decided to snap a shot at my house in SL, been working on it the past few days and have found some really nice things to help make it a home. This is by far my favorite house I have ever had in SL, the colors and textures and very light and monochromatic, allowing the decor and furnishing to really speak volumes. It features baked sunlight from the windows for greater realism, and the ability to edit wall colors and textures is a huge plus. The only down side to this home is that I wish it has some better textures on the outside, but that is also changeable if you are skilled at doing those things.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am ready for warmer weather…like, now! lolz I hope everyone is having an awesome Monday!
Snapshot_006 - Copy (2)


Swimwear FLOW Swimming Trunks Faded

Glasses MIEL Bella Peepers (several color combinations)

Skin BELLEZA  Dylan Sunkissed

Facial Moles PEKKA Face Moles II

Teeth PXL Teeth Prim

Feet JOMO Mesh Feet

Watch MANDALA Simple Chain

Ring(s)  ENTENTE Crown & Egypt

Eyes CHEERNO Green 02

Hands CHEERNO Mesh Hands (Relaxed 3)


Hair Pocket Mirrors Charlie

Star Tatts (Tummy) AITUI Upper Hipsters

Sleeve Tatts (Arms) LETIS Time

Nipples Xcite

Shape MULHOLLAND  Raymond


House Scarlet Creative For Gorgeous – Writing Home Modern Prefab(modded)

Umbrella Trompe Loeil Prefabs and Customs Patio Parasol Striped Earth

Chairs & Table Trompe Loeil Prefabs and Customs  Adirondack Chair Natural

Radio/Sandcastle/Bag with flip flops CHEZ MOI FURNITURES Hot Summer

Large Oaks Dolly and Lilith’s Garden Centre OAK – Mature – Summer 1a – 1Trunk

Tulips/Ground Cover/Field Dolly and Lilith’s Garden Centre Harmony Tulips – Tall -Pink

 Potted Plants Trompe Loeil Prefabs and Customs Trompe Loeil – Caparra Planter Foliage

Climbing Ivy Trompe Loeil Prefabs and Customs Trompe Loeil – Caparra Wall Ivy

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