::HOLLYWOOD EVENT:: March 29th thru April 14th


Swing by the Hollywood Event from March 29th – April 14th and pick up our free Angelina Jolie eyes and Beauty Mark. Also check out our Celebrity Male and Female Shapes and style card for the event, on sale for only $99L during event time frame only.

Angelina MULHOLLAND_002

Celebrity Female Shape/Style Card only $99L


James Marsden_001

Celebrity Male Shape/Style Card only $99L


MULHOLLAND - Angelina Eyes_Mole

Celebrity Female Eyes/Mole ::FREE::



Humble abode…

Today I decided to snap a shot at my house in SL, been working on it the past few days and have found some really nice things to help make it a home. This is by far my favorite house I have ever had in SL, the colors and textures and very light and monochromatic, allowing the decor and furnishing to really speak volumes. It features baked sunlight from the windows for greater realism, and the ability to edit wall colors and textures is a huge plus. The only down side to this home is that I wish it has some better textures on the outside, but that is also changeable if you are skilled at doing those things.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am ready for warmer weather…like, now! lolz I hope everyone is having an awesome Monday!
Snapshot_006 - Copy (2)


Swimwear FLOW Swimming Trunks Faded

Glasses MIEL Bella Peepers (several color combinations)

Skin BELLEZA  Dylan Sunkissed

Facial Moles PEKKA Face Moles II

Teeth PXL Teeth Prim

Feet JOMO Mesh Feet

Watch MANDALA Simple Chain

Ring(s)  ENTENTE Crown & Egypt

Eyes CHEERNO Green 02

Hands CHEERNO Mesh Hands (Relaxed 3)


Hair Pocket Mirrors Charlie

Star Tatts (Tummy) AITUI Upper Hipsters

Sleeve Tatts (Arms) LETIS Time

Nipples Xcite

Shape MULHOLLAND  Raymond


House Scarlet Creative For Gorgeous – Writing Home Modern Prefab(modded)

Umbrella Trompe Loeil Prefabs and Customs Patio Parasol Striped Earth

Chairs & Table Trompe Loeil Prefabs and Customs  Adirondack Chair Natural

Radio/Sandcastle/Bag with flip flops CHEZ MOI FURNITURES Hot Summer

Large Oaks Dolly and Lilith’s Garden Centre OAK – Mature – Summer 1a – 1Trunk

Tulips/Ground Cover/Field Dolly and Lilith’s Garden Centre Harmony Tulips – Tall -Pink

 Potted Plants Trompe Loeil Prefabs and Customs Trompe Loeil – Caparra Planter Foliage

Climbing Ivy Trompe Loeil Prefabs and Customs Trompe Loeil – Caparra Wall Ivy

Thrift Shop…

I’m in this big ass coat from that thrift shop down the road…

After hearing this song about 50 times on the radio since last night,

I figured I would add a thrift shop background and fur coat to this outfit for shits n giggles. lol

thrift shop_002

Fur Coat *6DOO* Fur Coat Retar

Shirt V’Neck Tee AOHARU  V-neck

Pants  PUMPKIN  Low Jeans

shoes J U D A S  Rick Owen Geo Basket

Scarf J U D A S Christian Dior Scarf

Necklace  MANDALA Onigiri

Watch MANDALA Simple Chain

Ring(s)  ENTENTE Crown & Egypt

Eyes CHEERNO Green 02

Hands CHEERNO Mesh Hands (Relaxed 3)



Shape MULHOLLAND  Raymond


(NEW @ Mr. & Miss C Hair)

So…I am running a lil late into the night on Valentine’s Day to blog this awesome  hair from Mr. & Miss C, but this has ended up being a crazy week…but better late than never. Run by there and check out her store. I hope all of you have a nice Valentine’s Day (Night). ❤ Kiss

Hair Mr. & Miss C Lover Hair  ::NEW:: 

Shopping Bag  CONCRETE FLOWERS  First Night Kit

Sock MULHOLLAND  Cock Sock




V Piercing HoD Thurst V2 Razor

Finger Tapes LUCK INC Finger Tapes

Nipple (With Peircing) XCITE

Skin BELLEZA  Dylan Sunkissed

Star Tatts (Tummy) AITUI Upper Hipsters

Sleeve Tatts (Arms) LETIS Time

Furniture in background is from THE LOFT 

Mr. C Logo

Happy Valentine’s Day…

Valentines_001 - Copy
Hair ATRO PATENA Jake Coffee

Jacket PUMPKIN  The Jacket  ::NEW::

Pants PUMPKIN  Sweat Pants (Leather)

Kiss Tattoo Izzie’s Mainstore Lipstick Kisses (many options)

Kissable Tattoo Tekila Candy Kissable Chest Tattoo ::FREE:: 

Shoes 2REAL  Glyderz

Sunglasses Redgrave Aviators

Facial Piercings HOD TV Piercing 7

Darker Eye Makeup CHEERNO La Vita Pure #9

Watch MANDALA Black


Eyes CHEERNO Green 02

Hands CHEERNO Mesh Hands (Relaxed 3)


Shape MULHOLLAND  Raymond

Ring(s)  ENTENTE Crown & Egypt

Facial Hair (Stubble/Beard) CHEERNO Facial hair #9

Open Mouth Prim [ PXL creations Main Store ] Teeth ::NEWER VERSION WITH HUD:: 

Atro Patena Logo

The Library…

I think it helps sometimes to get butt naked and start from the beginning when putting an outfit together. With that being said, sometimes putting together an outfit in SL can be hard to color match or even remember what you have in which color already sitting (gathering fake dust) in a massive inventory that desperately needs better organization. I enjoy mixing the old with the new, breathing new life into items that may be over a year old on SL. Cruising the market place for a nice backdrop, I ran into this, “The Library” By: Kayle Black (kayle.matzerath)…whom by the way is a very nice guy, and was a pleasure to speak with. You must go to his store and ride the cute lil bubbles around as you explore his amazing creations and builds, if you haven’t seen it…then you’re missing out. Well, enough ranting…below you will find my look of the day, have a Happy Thursday! 🙂 Weekend is just around the corner, getting closer to Monday…which will be my first day back after a relaxing week at home.

Skybox Garden of Dreams  The Library

Jacket  *chronokit*   Fabre Jacket (Orange)

Scarf Merlin’s Beard  [MB] Granger Scarf –  Slytherin

Glasses Epic Nerd Glasses (Olive)

Pants PUMPKIN  Low Jeans (Brown)

Shoes Super Kingdom  Low Tops  (99L for several colors in one pack) “Orange”

Undies NANUK Berg Briefs

V’Neck Tee AOHARU  V-neck (Beige)

Bag Mr. Poet  Leatherbackpack (Color change)


Other Bracelet Uncut Cross Bracelet

Watch MANDALA Hokusai Watch

Hair Pocket Mirrors Charlie

Eyes CHEERNO Green 02

Hands CHEERNO Mesh Hands (Relaxed 3)


Facial Hair NIVARO Elitist Beard

Shape MULHOLLAND  Simone ::NEW:: 50% off for 24 hrs

Open Mouth Prim [ PXL creations Main Store ] Teeth ::NEWER VERSION WITH HUD:: 


Free Gift Cheerno…

I’ve been being completely random for the past few hours, and not wanting to bother with putting together an outfit, so I plopped on muh Micky Mouse Ears from Cheerno and here we go! ::huggers::

Hat  CHEERNO Mouse Ears (Free to VIP Group) ::NEW:: ::FREE:: 

Short LAZYBUM  Arabasque B&W ::NEW:: ::MENS DEPT:: 

Necklace DossiEr Necklace Cap, Glasses, & Mustache. ::FREE::

 Poses POSEOLOGY Donavan 6 ::NEW:: ::MENS DEPT::

Watch MANDALA Hokusai Watch

Bracelet  MANDALA  Okaki Bracelet

Beaded Bracelet Uncut Cross Bracelet

Facial Hair NIVARO Elitist Beard

Cut Eyebrows Vaya Con Dios (VCD) Cuts n Scars

Shape MULHOLLAND  Rowan Shape

Eyes CHEERNO Vivare Tier (Grey 2)

Hands CHEERNO Mesh Hands (Relaxed 3)

Ears MANDALA Mesh Ears

Star Tatts (Tummy) AITUI Upper Hipsters

Sleeve Tatts (Arms) LETIS Time

Nipples Xcite

[CheerNo] Spring2012

KJIm Apparel…ChuChu’s Chinos. ::NEW::

My good friend Kilolo Jenkins has a store called KJIm Apparel, and is gearing up to release these awesome new Chinos. ChuChu Chinos Pants got their name from the appellation Kilolo so affectionately assigned to me as a nickname, (ChuChu). My good friend Adien Leimes was a willing participant in my blog post to advertise my dear friend Kilolo’s wonderful clothing pieces available in world and on the market place. The Pale Pink and Spring Green will be available for $100L a piece at tomorrow’s Grenade Free Wednesday at the Jersey Shore Sim!  grab them while they’re out!


Pants KJIm Apparel ChuChu Chinos ::NEW:: 

Tops KJIm Apparel Men’s Mesh Turtleneck

Mens Dept…Feb.


Shirt BLEAK Purr Evil ::MENS DEPT.::

Pants  LV Skinny Pants ::MENS DEPT.::

Necklace Kosh Pivot ::MENS DEPT.::

Tattoo BLEAK Out of the World Tattoo ::MENS DEPT.::

Rings EPOQUE  Amen Knuckle Rings and Deux Ring

Watch/Bracelet MANDALA Okaki Bracelet/ Hokusai Watch

Other Bracelet Uncut Cross Bracelet

Smoke [ NikotiN  Tabacco And Co’ ]   Dirty

Hair Pocket Mirrors Charlie

Shoes SLEEPY EDDIE Espadrille Beige

Facial Hair NIVARO Elitist Beard

Shape MULHOLLAND  Simone ::NEW:: 50% off for 24 hrs

Open Mouth Prim [ PXL creations Main Store ] Teeth ::NEWER VERSION WITH HUD:: 

Poses VETCH 5HQ Model Poses

Cross - Shaved WoodUNCUT